Jump on the Bandwagon for Free Electricity

I firmly believe that homes and businesses can be run on free electrical energy and should be run on free electrical energy. The grids and other electrical supply setups currently in use are inefficient to say the least.

I think a wave of awareness will soon sweep across the American plains and valleys, mountains and deserts, awakening millions of men and women to the idea of free electricity. The only thing that must happen before electricity becomes free is awareness.


Think Outside the Box and Generate Own Energy

The International Tesla Electric Company ITEC) plans to install a revolutionary new "Permanent Magnet" generator at no cost to a limited number of U.S. and Canadian residents - source: freeelectricity.com
The above quote is about a plan to use magnets to generate electrity, free electricity, however, ITEC will charge a fee for the generator.

Free electricity by any other name is still not free.

I am fully aware that if a household could generate their own energy and transport themselves to other places without petroleum use, that household would triple the amount of money at their disposal.

Are we each going to have to strive for that independence and if we attain it, will we then capitalism on our knowledge by charging others to use it. The above illustration of the Pelton Wheel, which uses water to generate electricity. I want one.